Battery charging tips for android phones

How to extend battery life and Battery charging tips for android phones

Battery charging tips for android phones
Battery charging tips for android phones

How to extend battery life: Android mobile battery does not have to be charged as before. The previous mobile had Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) and NiMH (NiMH), but nowadays the android mobile battery has Lithium-ion (Li-ion) and Lithium Polymer (Li-pol). For this reason, these batteries are a long battery life.  

During the purchase of a new phone, the retailer tells us that the new battery will be charged for at least 4-5 hours. It is wrong at one time because the current battery will be charged 100% or the charger will be charged at 85% of the charge. The new mobile phone will start with a 100% charge then it will be normally used. One thing to note is that the battery charge will not reduce below 15% -20%. The next time the charge will help you take charge early. To load a charge on the battery after heavy loading.

High voltage Output charger:-        DC: 5V = 2.5 AMP. (MAX)
Normal voltage Output charger:-   DC: 5V = 2 AMP.
Low voltage Output charger:-          DC: 5V = 0.7 AMP

-: Battery charging tips and battery life tips for android phones:-

  1. Your mobile battery will not be charged at all. Once or twice, the charge will end.
  2. If your battery is in charge of 25% -75%, you can charge it safely. It's good for the battery.
  3. Charge the charger with the phone, charge the charger, if the charger becomes worse, buy the same voltage charger. If you are outdoors, if you are bad, then charge another person's charger.
  4. You can charge at the same voltage. Keep in mind that the charger will be a company.
  5. Many do it, go to sleep on your phone charging before going to sleep at night. That's good, but better charging with a normal charger.
  6. During the charging of batteries, you should be aware that the temperature is four days in normal weather.
  7. Bad idea to use the smartphone or do gaming while it"s charging as it heats more which is bad for the battery.
  8. Screen lights use a higher charge, so do the Brightness Auto without having to do manual settings. Make sure you set yourself up.
  9. Mobile data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Browjar scanning, Account sync, do not require all these settings to keep it off manually.
  10. Turn off background apps.
  11. Do not use live wallpaper and widgets display.
  12. If you do not use any third-party apps, uninstall the app.
  13. If you do not need any third-party app's notifications, go to the notification and turn off notification. (Third-party apps> Settings> Notification> Manual off)
  14. Always update the apps on your phone to the latest. Less pressure on the processor.
* If you use Battery charging tips for android phones and on your phone, then there will be more battery life.

Whatever you make mistakes:-

* You do not have to put mobile data and call mobile charges.
If this happens, one day this situation will happen. I'm not scared that it's been in reality.

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