BDO income certificate apply online ( W.B e-district )

How to apply BDO income certificate online and download ( W.B e-district )
BDO income certificate apply online
BDO income certificate apply online

BDO income certificate apply onlineMy favorite friends is today's article. How to make a BDO income certificate online application. And how to download.
This income certificate is from West Bengal, it is a government site. How to make the application you will teach everything here.

Before applying to this site, you have to go to your village panchayat or municipality. There should be a handwritten income certificate from which the panchayat or municipality head signature will be there. This certificate should be uploaded online here.

Residential Proof (1pic), Income Proof (1pic), Photograph (1 pic.) Scan all of these documents. The documents are in 100 Kb.

It is important to keep in mind what important things to apply for BDO Income Certificate:

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The applicant should be a resident of West Bengal.

Documents Required:

  1. Residential Proof: Residential Cartificate Issued by S.D.O/EPIC/ Passport/ Driving License/ Ration Card/Govt.Id Card/ Defence Id  Card/Pan Card.
  2. Income Proof: Salary Certificate, Income Proof Gram Pradhan/ Municipality Councilor, It Return Certificate.
  3. Photograph (1 pic.)

Fee Details:

  •   Not Applicable

CSC Fees:

  • Rs. 20.00  INR
  • All the service charge containing one page of black and white printing (including money receipt) and one-page scanning. If any extra page of printing or scanning required then the following charges will be applicable to beneficiaries:
  1. Rs.  5.00 for extra page black and white printing.
  2. Rs.  10.00 for extra color page printing.
  3. Rs.  5.00 for scanning per page.

How to Apply Income Certificate

1.  method:

First, you need to create a login site in the district site, click on this link to see how to create: -

  • You are logged in after creating the id.
  1.     Language
  2.     User name
  3.     Password
  4.     Capture Fill
  5.     and LOG IN
  • Your site will be open on a new page, where there will be all the facilities and services on this district site.
  • Here the certificate is written at the top and clicking on it, look at the right and see Income Certificate, click on Income Certificate.
  • Opening new pages will see "Income certificate instructions and requirements", which are written at the top of this page.
  • You see "print" "apply" below. You can click on Apply and continue.

2. method:

You will go to a new page where there will be an application for Income Certificate.

Appellant's Basic Information
  • Fill it as I see it. Next by next.

BDO income certificate apply online
BDO income certificate apply online
  • Salutation:- Fill your choice like Mr., Mrs., Ms., Sk.
  • First Name:- The first letter of your name.
  • Middle Name:- If you have your middle name. (Kumar, Chandra)
  • Last Name:- Surname your last name.
  • Date of Birth:- Select your date of birth by clicking on the calendar option next to it. Then you will see your automatic age in the next option.
  • Gender:- Select gender (Male, Female, Mx)
  • Then type the mobile number, all else will be filled automatically.
  • Email Id and numbers can not be given.

3.  method:

Present address

  • These options must be filled in the address.
  • The address of the person whose name is above
  • Country and state default are provided. You select the district and fill your district.
  • Sub-division: Select your sub-division and fill it out.
  • Rural or Urban: Select your area according to your area.
  • Block/Municipality/Corporation: Select the block if the gram area is there. If you are in the urban area, select Block / Municipality/ NAC 
  • Select your Block / Municipality / Corporation name.
  • Then fill in all your addresses with the pin code.
  • After filling everything up, take a look from top to bottom.
  • If you want to save unsold ones, click on Save & Next option below.
  • After doing all this, a new page will open.

4. method: 

Parent or Husband Details 

  • Relationship: The parent or husband details of whose name is filled in the previous page.
  • Salutation:  Fill your Parents' choice like Mr., Mrs., Ms., Sk.
  • First Name:- The first letter of your parent name.
  • Middle Name:- If you have your parent's middle name. (Kumar, Chandra)
  • Last Name:- Surname your parent last name.

5. method: 

Permanent Address of Applicant 

  • If it is the same address, then by clicking "Same as previous address", all will be filled.
  • After that go a little down.
  • Need to fill out "Income Details" below.
Income Details 
  • The annual income of the applicant in INR: The name of which is the name of the app, its income in the year.
  • Income Year: The income you enter will be refunded to the year's income.
You will be taken to a new page where it will be written "View Application Details for Income Certificate"
You will see all the pages you filled in there on this page. Take a look at that everything is okay.
Then you will see a lot of ups and downs. Click the Support Document there.

Take the next label. Submit documents that you were asked to scan here, one after another.

Once everything is done, click Save & Next. Then go to the next page and click on the submit option.
Receive an Application Acknowledgment number, print it or download it.

*After some time check whether your application has been approved. (Min: 2 days)*

How to check and download:
How to check and download:

If anyone has any questions contact.

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