How to E district citizen registration online

How to e district registration (citizen Registration)

e district registration

What a WB e-district:- 

E-district is a Government Department online site, with the help of this site, the BDO office BLRO office is connected and many more officers work from the connector on this Website. Different types of work can be done on this siteThis is done with the help of this Website, services under E-district (Services count:- 134) 

Birth certificate, Death certificate, Income certificate, Local residence certificate, land & land reforms, Issuance of a certified copy of ROR, Issuance of plot information, etc.

" How to registration "

E-district Direct link :-

E-district citizen registration :-

Open the new page by clicking on the link above and fill the step by step as you get a new one.

Please fill the step by step form, Citizen Registration

Citizen Form Filling Process :

* After opening on the new page, there is a "User type", click on open and select Citizen.

* Then select the "Applicant's Full Name" by typing your full name.

* Then select the user name, make your "User Name" according to your choice. (sample User         Name Smdj4erd )

Select the "Password", fill in your mind with a number, alphabet, special chatter, normal chatter.  (Smhfgs@324)

 Next, give the same "Password".

Next select the "Password Hint Question"  

Password Hint Question           Please Select  ⊽ 

                                                        What is your Mother Maiden Name 
                                                        What is your Fast School Name
                                                        What is your Date of Barth
                                                        What is your Favourite Sport person

*  Then select the "Mobile Number" and type your mobile number there.

*  After typing the mobile number, enter the email id and your address in the last two boxes.

*  Then save and open an email that will receive a confirmation email in your mail id, to see if your registration id is correct.  Click on this link to open e district, log in your username and password then fill in the capture and log in.

How to E district citizen registration


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