Amazon Affiliate or Associate Account suspended (2019)

Top 7 Reasons Why Your Amazon Affiliate or Associate Account suspended (2019)

Hi, friends today I will tell you why your Amazon Affiliate or Associate account is suspended. After researching it, I found some information in front of me that I will share with you. That is some of your mistakes or mistakes you make for a little more income. I'll tell you all those mistakes. There are some mistakes that can be made if you make your affiliate account completely closed.

Pricing Products on Your Website:

You have linked Affiliate links to sell Amazon products on your website and have highlighted all the product details on the site. But one thing to keep in mind is that the price of the product should never be mentioned there. Because the price of the product can decrease or increase at any time.
You've added a product to date. A few years later the product name, its features, the model number remains the same but the price or its offer has changed.

Reason No 1:-

If you have a target you need to sell within three products six months. These three product sales can be done within a week or six months. However, you have to sell three products. Failure to sell the product will result in the closing of your affiliate account.
Once the account is closed you will receive an mail to reopen the account. If you do, your account will be activated but you will have the same conditions. (Six months)

Note: - If you are able to sell two products and you get a good money commission, you will not get the money. Even if you reopen, you won't get your balance back. Your account should show zero.

Amazon Affiliate or Associate Account suspended (2019)

Reason No 2:-

When you created an Affiliate Account, you provided the name of your website. That website didn't run that way for some reason. You meant to sell Amazon products through that website. But you point out the Affiliate link to product customers by the media every morning. For example, Facebook, WhatsApp, Email marketing can not be done through social marketing. If your Affiliate account is suspended for doing this, you will not get the chance to reopen.

Reason No 3:-

Donation or charity cannot be used on your website. If you write a post via Facebook or WhatsApp and share it (for example, if you click on the link and buy a product, we will get donations so we can help the poor).
The customer will decide whether to buy the product or not. You cannot force anyone. This is against Amazon Policy.

Reason No 4:-

You cannot copy the Amazon logo on any site. For example, if your site is a product selling site, AmazonBazaar or AmazonSelling your logo should not be used in this way. You are against Amazon by using the name or editing its logo on Amazon.
If you do not do so immediately, your Affiliate Account will be suspended.

Reason No 5:-

No banner can be offered on the website or mention the price of the product. When you write a post, you are given a picture add-on so that the offer is mentioned in the future when a viewer will see the product offer and click on the link you have to see the offer. Your account suspension will be guaranteed.

Reason No 6:-

Seventy percent of people will make the mistake I am talking about now. (URL shortener website) What you did was go to Amazon, copy the link from the URL shortener and short link the link you shared or put on your website. This mistake is a huge mistake. Amazon traces traffic like Google does. If you do so your Affiliate Account Guarantee will be suspended. If you do that, then my advice is to stop doing this.

Reason No 7:-

Amazon Affiliate Link Advertising cannot be promoted. If you create Affiliate Link then you simply created a banner and put the product link below it, it is a big mistake if you get traffic or product link with that link. This way the product cannot be sold.

Note:- The number one mistake that I have told you so far is that you will get the chance to reopen. You will not get a chance to reopen the rest of the field.

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