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What is the Barcode & QR Code?


Barcode is a thing you see. Look at shopping malls or different stores. This is a very specific line of text, giving the product name and description. It is also used for many other purposes.

You will see a barcode scanning a large store, and then your bill is printed on that subject.

With the normal scanner, it is easy to see everything that is in it and not have to type manually. Automatic scanning will come out with a scan.
It does not have much, it has a low capacity.

QR Code

QR Code full from - Quick Respons code 
QR Code Sem Tickets, Products, Visiting Cards, Online Websites You Will Look Like This
The QR code has a lot of capability, it has a lot to offer.

How barcodes and QR codes are used.

Imagine you have a store and there are many items, each with a barcode or QR code. You've got stock. If you sell goods from there, you will have to enter the automatic bill when you scan the barcode or QR code and your goods will be reduced automatically.

If you are a customer you can also check through a mobile app. 

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Bar Code

Bar Code

How to work barcode -

In terms of numbers - here's a zero to nine number. Seven lines are used for one number. Some of these are white and some are black. Different lines for each line.

And when the scanner reader reflects the light on the read, the light will not be reflected in the black line, and when the light reflects from the white line, the number can be read easily.

These codes are good and bad:-

Good side
  • If you scan the QR code in any way, you can get back to what it contains.

Bad Side
  • If the Barcode is deleted a bit, then scanning it won't work anymore.
  • But one thing to keep in mind is that before scanning a bar code or QR code, check to see if it is safe. Because many times a virus can be accessed by hacker code on your device.
How To Download:- 
Once your code is ready, you can save it by <Save image as> by right-clicking on the code.

How to ready your Barcode & QR code:-   Click This   

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