how to change the Jiofi password | JioFi login

How to change the JioFi password | JioFi login | Forgot JioFi password

How to change the JioFi password

Hi, guys today I brought you a new topic. This topic will discuss how to change the JioFi password and the JioFi login. As you all know, JioFi is now heavily marketed. One such product is JioFi, this product is extremely popular because it allows you to use WiFi on any Android mobile and laptop, as well as make unlimited calls (Jio Network Area). It doesn't cost much to buy, and it's a small product you can take anywhere. Everything will be the default setting when you buy a new one. I'll tell you all those settings in detail today.

JioFi login

To change the JioFi password, you must first log in and you must have a laptop or mobile. Then you need to turn on the JioFi device. You can see the name of JioFi only if you have WiFi on your laptop or mobile. Underneath it asks JioFi's Security Key to connect. You are wondering where to find the security key and you will see the box. You will see the WiFi SSID and password. Look at the password from there and type it and connect. Security can give you two options when connecting with the key, you will give a yes option only when you make it, and then you will get connected.

Then you need to open any browser and type http://jiofi.local.html or

Then you will have JioFi's site open and the chart that you have open will be given the total information on your JioFi device.

jiofi.local.html forgot password

URL:- http://jiofi.local.html  

How to change JioFi password in mobile phone

If you open URLs in any browser, you will not be able to change anything on the site you have open.

One thing to keep in mind is that if the JioFi is not connected to the network then those URLs will not open the browser.

To change the JioFi user id and password, you must first login. After you open the browser, you will have a popup open when you click on the login option on the top right. You will be able to change by logging in with the user ID and password.

User ID and password
login:-        administrator 
password:-  administrator
After login, you will see a notification bar at the top. After you first click on the setting, click on the WiFi option on the left. Then you will see that you can edit any Asen. You need to change the two essentials. SSID which will be your wifi name and security key will be your password.

Create a user ID and password of your choice. Then you will have a popup open when you click on the Apply option. You will have to wait for some time after clicking the OK button. When the change is made you will see that your WiFi connection will automatically leave you to need to reconnect. You need to log in with the new user ID and password you created. This way you can change the password of a JioFi.

Forgot JioFi password

If you have forgotten your JioFi password for some reason, you will need to reset or forget your password. If you go one by one the way I tell you, you will know your JioFi password and you can change the password as I said before.

You need to have a laptop or computer to change your password. The cable that comes with the Jio device must first be connected to the computer. Then, when you click on the Start button on your computer, you will see that the search is coming. There, type "cmd" and press enter. Then the popup will open to you. Where you are giving a signal you have to type "ipconfig" and press enter.

Then you will see a chart showing your IP address there. From there, copy and paste it into any browser and search the JioFi site will be open. Then the method I used earlier in the "How to change JioFi password" paragraph, the same way you can change or view your user ID and password.

How to change the JioFi password


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