How to make money doing a blog | New Blogger 2019

How to make money doing a blog for beginners earning Tricks | New Blogger 2019

How to make money doing a blog
How to make money doing a blog

Hi, guys today I brought you today how to create a new Blogger site and 
How to make money doing a blog for beginners earning Tricks. First, let me say one thing in 2019, by publishing the blog, we will have to work hard to get the number one position. For those who are new bloggers like me, I will create a blog and then earn money on the approvals of AdSense. Friends are not like that. If you are a blogger who can earn 10 dollars for 5 dollars by writing a blog then I would say the result of his hard work.
I'm not talking about them, some may do it, but I am telling a whole new blogger.
I can say one thing after my article Topic If you can run in the same way for four months in a row, you will get sauces once.
New bloggers are wondering why this is not happening, I tell them not so straightforward to blogger income. Never break again. After you do it, you will get results.
Friends today I will tell you some secrets that I make on a new blog. Then I see an income from that blog.

How to create a blog for free and make money 2019 

How to make money doing a blog for beginners earning Tricks 

1. keyword research (Ahref tool)

I know you are thinking that all these things are what you say again. You read the whole thing and then I will say exactly what is wrong.

This is a keyword research SEO tool. This is what you need to buy online. Without this tool, you will not be able to work on Blogger. If you have it you can do the best keyword research. You are wondering if I do not have that much money, what to do. I have a way of that too. If you have Chrome Browse or if you are using Chrome Browse for Blogger then you can add an Extensions by clicking this link. 

If you buy a research tool with money and write a blog then you can buy Ahref Tool.
These extensions will be displayed below any keyword you search for in the Chrome browser, how many searches, CPC and competition a month are on this keyword.

2. Choose keyword 50K - 70K

As I said before, you need to create a Particular Keyword Blog. On top of that keyword, you will write an article. Then the keywords on which the article is written will be well searched, fifty thousand to seventy thousand months to be searched. If you take a keyword whose search is high, it takes a long time to rank Google. Because you are not writing the same blog, there are many more. So you should take low keywords because you are a new blogger. People who have been in the blog world for a long time write articles about keywords with high traffic.

3. Ready Website and get Approved for AdSense 

Friends, your mistake here is that you create a blogger website and post a couple of articles and then send it for AdSense Approved. This is absolutely wrong. Before you do all the work on your website to make it look good and have a place to put Adsense Ads. Then you write the 8-20 piece normal article and get it approved by AdSense. One thing to keep in mind is that the article should not be unemployed which will not be read by people leaving your site. Then you can earn money from the blog.  

4. Daily one Article in your Website 

You have to make a promise to write an article every day and post it. Today's blogger's mistake is not to write an article today or tomorrow, tomorrow or the next day. This should not be done because the visitor will like your website when you are posting regularly and every content will be useful. Content is a powerful point of the blog. Content is king.

5. Wright SEO optimize Articles and give you article good looks

You write an article in Daily that is SEO optimized and looks good. Wondering how to write SEO optimized articles, you will find many videos by searching on YouTube. Your article has to be in full detail, you think I have written an article of five hundred words. Never be wrong, write down all you know. But keep one thing in mind, do not write anything extra.
how to make money doing a blog
Wright SEO optimize Articles and give you article good looks

6. Set a time table write a daily article on your website

You create a time table. It's a big deal for a blogger. The time at which you will write the article and post it. We must never think of it as lazy. The time table you create will take four to five months to see. The time table should not be missed.

If you do all these things regularly, you'll be sitting at home and earning income.

Stat making backlinks

Once your website is done a month and Rose writes an article and then you start creating backlinks. Backlinks should be done from sites that have high DA, PA and low SS. One thing to keep in mind when creating backlinks is that you have to create backlinks from all the sites in the category of articles.

You can do all the above, then do regular work for four to five months and then you will see the results.

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If you do not have to take avalanche de-tension from Google AdSense, I will give the Google AdSense Alternative site in the next post. Which I use on another site.

Thanks to everyone
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