how to remove copyright from blogger template

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Hi, guys today I came to you with another topic in the Blogger Series. Be sure to read the post about the blogger template and download any free template from there. In that article, I told how to do blogger template footer copyright removal. This topic will tell you how to remove copyright from blogger template.
how to remove copyright from blogger template
how to remove copyright from blogger template

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You are about to learn an easy way to remove Blogger Template copyright. The copyright is the template that created the website and his or her channel name will be at the bottom of the template. You can remove your name or blog name if you want. I will tell you how to remove it step by step. If you have downloaded any blogger template that I posted, then it will be useful to edit. This post is for those who use Blogger.

One thing to keep in mind if HTML code is not known for its work, do not edit Blogger's code in any other way. If something goes wrong your blog will not open. That's why you should copy the HTML code and save it to Notepad or Notepad++ on your computer.

How to remove copyright from blogger template

1. Copy the code below and paste it into Notepad. Then you make a little edit,    where you are asked to give your blog name and link, you will edit your blog name and link.

2. Then you go to the blogger site and if you have more than one blogger site, then open the site you want to change the copyright of the template.

3. From the options on the left side of the site, select the "Theme" option. Then click on the "Edit HTML" text box and click on the city.

4. You will find a page with many HTML codes. There is nothing you can do. You were asked to save these codes. Once you click in the middle, copy all (ctrl + a) and paste it into Notepad.

5. Then, when you click (ctrl + f) in the middle, a search box will open. Copy and paste the text below into your Blogger template and paste it into the box and press Enter.

6. Then you will see that as much as it is written, it will come in other colors. You didn't see the next shot by pressing Enter, where is the text contained in your template.

7. If you get there, you won't do anything there. Then your blog will not be open later. Paste the code I have given below and wherever I tell you to paste.
how to remove copyright from blogger template
how to remove copyright from blogger template

Copy and paste the code into the blog.

<p style = 'text-align: left;'> Copyright (c) 2019 <a href='Your blog URL'> Your Blog name </a> All Right Reseved </p>

After pasting the above code, paste it below it a little below. You will see the following types of code in the same way. Because the code you started with above should end with this code, otherwise, your theme will not be saved.


Then after pasting all the code, click on save theme and you will come back and click on view blog option to see if your blog name has come up in the footer area.


After reading this article you can work on your blog. If you have any problem you can share in the comment box or share the comment on the social media platform. Editing is saved as you say, you are successful and my article success. If you like this article, be sure to share it.

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