On-page SEO | Full on page SEO techniques

How to on-page SEO while writing a blogger post. Full SEO optimized on the page (On-page SEO techniques)

on-page SEO
On-page SEO

On-page SEO
: Guys, I've been posting blogger related articles for a while. Likewise today I have brought you how to do On-page SEO manually in your blogger post. I have an earlier post on SEO, and I will also read what I wrote about Blogger Basic SEO because you have to set it to step by step. You need to do all kinds of SEO on the blog to rank the article on Google. One of them is on-page SEO. When you write a new article, you have to do SEO on the same page. Today, I will tell you to step by step On-page SEO method.

When writing a new article on the blog, there are some things to keep in mind.

on-page SEO steps

  • High-Quality Keyword Search.
  • Whose search labels are higher and SEO definitions less.
  • Title and search descriptions.
  • Paragraph start with your keyword. 
  • Permalink.
  • Use the main keyword.
  • Check Keyword density.
  • Image optimization.
  • Link building.
  • Check plagiarism.
  • Conclusion.
  • Check on-page SEO.

* Off-page SEOSEO Settings in Blogger 
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When you write a unique article on a keyword, you need to keep in mind these topics. All of the points above will make your article unique. Today, I will explain how to use each topic and how to write a unique SEO post. Today I will share some sites to help your on-page SEO.

On-page SEO techniques

1. High-Quality Keyword Search.

You need to research the best keywords before writing an article. There are several ways to do keyword research. I will tell you today how to do keyword research in free. If you are a new blogger, you can use the following tools for keyword research.

  • Ubersuggest's.
  • Google keyword planar.
  • google trends
You need to download two extensions before administering these tools. If you are using a Chrome browser then these two extensions will be added.

"Keyword Everywhere"

Ubersuggest's is an online site where you can do keyword research for free. If you search for a keyword there, how many searches are done on that keyword and the keyword defaults will show you all. In addition to the list of sites that are on the top ten list of keywords, how many backlinks are there and you can get a list of what people are searching for on that keyword. From there you can get keyword ideas.

You can find out right by using the Google keyword planar. Because you will work on the blog or WordPress Google. You can find out the best keyword from Ubersuggest's and you can go to Google Keyword Planner and search for that keyword in the month and tell you how accurate the comparison is.

You can also search for the right keywords with google trends. google trends This keyword is used by people who advertise on Google. You can also use this tool for free.

If you do not know how to use all these tools then you will comment. Otherwise, you can watch a video on YouTube.

2. Whose search labels are higher and SEO definitions less.

According to your website, you have searched for the best keyword. Then if you are searching for short keywords you need to search for longtail keywords. Just when you search for the main keyword in Google, it will give you more keywords along with that keyword. Which will refer to that subject-object? You can't write too much if you write an article with a keyword. In addition to this, other keywords should be used in the article. Because if people search for your main keyword and its related things, your page will come up.

You have to search for keywords that are more searched in the month but SEO is less difficult.

3. Title and search descriptions.

Title and search descriptions: Title will be your main keyword, you should not use short keywords at once. In front of the main keyword, some keywords have to be added to the word adder.
descriptions must be related to the main keyboard. You should try search descriptions for one 150 words and menus keywords mentioned one to two times.

4. Permalink.

When you add a title to Blogger you will see that there is a Permalink option on the right side of the page. Permalink will be automatically created as you enter titles. You will see if you have a Main keyword or not, then click on the Custom option and type your Main keyword. One thing to note is that space is not allowed in the permalink. If you do not understand how to copy your main keyword and search on Google, you will see the top ten sites and see how they have given you. It is important to look into this matter.

https://www.your domain/2019/08/your-main-keyword.html

5. Use the main keyword.

Depending on how many word articles you write, the main keyword will be dependent on how many words are there. If you are writing an article from 500 to 600 words, you can use it five to six times. And if you wrote an article in 1000 or more wards, you could use it eight to ten times. You must use the main keyword first and last of the article. The keywords you have to type in (bold, italic, underline) are three.

6. Check Keyword density.

Once you've written the total post, check how many times you have used the main keyword. This allows you to confirm where the main keyword is. When you check the keyword, type ctrl + F where you wrote the post then type your main keyword into the search box that will open. You will see that where there is the main keyword, the color will appear and you will see how many keywords there are in total.

7. Image optimization.

You must use the image when writing an article. No use of any image. Use the keyword related image. You must use the copyright-free image and the edited image. The image you use will need to be renamed and rename according to your keywords. Paste the image on the blog page and type its title text and alt text. If you select the image on the 
Blogger page, a Properties option will appear and click on it. One thing to keep in mind is that the size of the image you use should be less. If you use the image by editing, the image will become a much higher quality image in MB. You need to reduce the MB of the image. Because if you use a high-quality image your page will take time to open.
on-page seo

Image optimization in this way will not make it difficult for the Google search engine to find your article.

8. link building techniques.

Link building helps your page to be on-page SEO and index quickly. There are two types of link building: interlink and external link. The interlink is that you are writing a post that you have written a lot. You have another post related to this post and you have pasted that poster link on any related keywords. In this one of your posters and another post was promoted. If anyone visits your site, you will show him another page after another, so that the visitor will have more time on your site. This is good in the eyes of Google because Google crawler checks your site.

And Exterlink is the property of any other site with the post you are writing and its link. an external link is a visitor who came to your site and moved to another site. If you are wondering why I will provide a link to another site. Wrong, it is important to give it because you have to keep it all the same if Google someday updates your site ranking will be bad.

So when writing a paste, you have to give the two links the same.

9. Check plagiarism.

Whether you write a post with everything you need to get it right or check it once. He needs your help with an online plagiarism checker. Do it better if you have a buying tool. Those new bloggers can go with the free tool. Check out how many unique articles you have written and then publish.

10. Check on-page SEO.

You've written a great article on keywords to see if SEO is right. If you have the tools to buy it, you can check it online if you have a great deal. I would ask you to use two sites to check online, as you will check for free today in the era of freebies to anyone. So you can use more than one tool. If you know of any tool you know you can also check it out there. In order to check SEO, you must first publish the post. Before that, you will complete the entire post. The following option is equally impotent.

After checking on-page SEO that will show if 80-100 is good. As you become less, you can see below what results are less. Make your blog page SEO friendly by fixing them.

11. Conclusion.

These are the topics I use. If you write an article keeping in mind these topics, your page will be SEO friendly. If you have any benefit from this topic, you can get to know your friends by sharing them on social media.

If anyone has any questions contact.

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