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SEO Settings in Blogger | Blogger SEO Tips And Tricks For Increasing Visitors

Hi, guys today I brought you the second part of the blog. In this part, I will tell you how to do the SEO settings on your blog site. Everyone always posts some articles on my site, but why not on article fast page. The only reason for this is the SEO Settings in Blogger. If your blog does not perform well in the SEO setting, your page will never rank.

If you can set all of these settings well, your article will rank.
Blog If you really want to rank higher in Google then you need to understand our SEO search engine optimization tips and our complete article about SEO in bloggers if you really want to do something, read the full article.

If your blog is a blogger then a domain is implanted.

If your blog is on WordPress or some other platform then a domain and hosting a huge implant to reach your blog to people. Because Google search engine puts its site on the front page which has the top label domain and well SEO.

SEO Settings in Blogger -

1. Basic:- 

Here you have to fill in the title of the topic you are about to blog and choose your description of the information about your topic.
SEO Settings in Blogger

2. HTTPS Redirect:-

For your protection, always stay on https and redirect your blog.
SEO Settings in Blogger

3. Post, comment and share setting:-

How many posts you keep according to your blog theme and setting the comments option by clicking on Anyone and Never.

4. Enable meta tag search description:-

Doing this setting will help the Google search engine and crawl your content to find and index your content.
SEO Settings in Blogger

5. Enable custom robots.txt content:-

Google robots find your posts and your pages in front of people through this setting. If you generate a meta tag you will get it. Copy and paste from there.

SEO Settings in Blogger

6. Enable custom robots header tags:-

Click and save these options to find homepages, search pages, and posts.

SEO Settings in Blogger

All of these settings need to be well done to SEO a blog.

7. Meta tag generator online:- 

Add your BLOG description, keywords(meta tags), and author(BLOG NAME) > and create meta tags
SEO Settings in Blogger

Meta tag generator online site -  CLICK 

There are many types of SEO in a blog. The rest will be told in the next article. The next article will come up with how to generate a Sitemap and the second one is on-page SEO.

Thanks for being with me.

If anyone has any questions contact.

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