sitemap generator for blogger

Sitemap generator for blogger and submitting a site map to some sites will increase your blogger site traffic.

sitemap generator for blogger

Sitemap generator for blogger: I started a blogger series in which you were getting different types of posts about Blogger. Another part of it that I came up with is the Sitemap generator for bloggers. If you do not submit a sitemap to the blogger site, no one will see your post as much as you post or write the article as well. So I'll show you how to do a Sitemap generator for bloggers. And with that, and submitting a Sitemap to some other site, your page will quickly rank on Google. You have seen many posts all go together so they have posted. But I will teach step by step what to do first and which to do first.

So this post is for everyone who is new to Blogger and for everyone who is old. I will teach you the process of submitting a Sitemap as I succeed. Once in a while, you follow.

The first part - SEO Settings in Blogger

XML generator online

You must first submit a Sitemap using Google Webmaster. You are thinking that this is what you are new to, read the whole thing and then say. This is where you need to sign in with the domain or URL of your blog. Click on the ad property with your blog name. You will then be shown a popup of Ownership Auto Verify if you click on GO to property.

Then you're signed in to Google Webmaster. If you do not understand something in New Version, click on the upper left-hand sign. Click "Get to old version" at the bottom to get the Old Speech Option coming to you.
You may need to enter your email and password when doing the Old Version, and you will provide the email account you created.
You have to do one thing before you work this far up here. Do the work mentioned in the next step.

Robots.txt generator

You need to sitemap generator for bloggers by visiting this site.

Sitemap generator online Site -

Copy and paste your blog into Settings> Enable custom robots.txt content> yes> All Paste> Save Change
# Blogger Sitemap generated on 2019.08.12
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Disallow: /category/Disallow: /tag/
Allow: /
When all of this is completed, then you go to Google Webmaster.
Click on the "Add a new sitemap" or "add / test sitemap" option in the place where your site's name will be given in advance, after which you will have to type and submit the following.
If you are pending after submitting all your sitemap will be waiting for some time. And showing the successe has done a great job.

One thing to keep in mind is that third-party free domain sitemaps will not be submitted. 
sitemap generator for blogger

Bing webmaster tools

You also need to submit a Sitemap in the Bing webmaster tools. If you click on the link below, you will be taken to the Bing webmaster tools site. There you have to sign up. Once the signup is completed you will be able to view Bing's dashboard and your blog site. You can see the site map text below in the dashboard by clicking on the URL and submit sitemap.xml with it. Very good when done right away. If you do not wait a few days, your sitemap will be submitted. If you see that some of your blog posts have not been submitted, you will copy the Particular Poster URL and submit it here.

Yandex Webmaster tool Submit Your Sitemap

Yandex Webmaster Tools: Here you need to submit a Sitemap for your Blogger site. You will find Yandex Webmaster Tools on Google and sign up there.
sitemap generator for blogger

You need to provide your name and a username to sign up. The password you create has to give the alphabet, number, special something. After that, send the code with your mobile number or capture code. Then fill the space below and click on the Register option. Your Yandex Webmaster Tools will be signed up.
After signing in, the ad site will come up with the URL of your site add. Then you will generate a meta tag that you need to fill in the theme on your Blogger.

Blogger > Theme > Edit HTML  and save Theme
<meta name="yandex-verification" content="code" /><script>
If you save the HTML tag of the meta tag blog and click on it you will get a check option on the Yandex Webmaster Tools site. Then click on the left side that you will receive the Indexing Option on the left, then click on the Set Sitemap file option below. Then you will find the sitemap to submit your site and add a sitemap with it and add it. Then you're done. >

How to increase blog traffic

I will tell you a super-topic that will rank your blog post or your site on Google very soon. You will need to submit your blog site or blog post to a site where you will find many search engine sites. You will be submitting your site to all the search engines there.

sitemap generator for blogger

Here's how you fill out:-

Website URL: The URL of your blog site.
Name: You can give your name or the name of your blog.
Email Address: Your email id that you always have.
I have read and agree to the terms: ☑️ Yes

If you submit your site, your site will be submitted to every search engine site. You need to manually submit sites that have not submitted your seven search engines.
One more thing to mention, you need to keep your email id open when you submit, as you will need to confirm by clicking the link that sends you the link to confirm the email id.
Once all of this is done, the post will rank as soon as you write a unique article. To rank a blog, there is a lot to do, time to blog.

From here you can easily submit sitemaps to 20+ search engines at once.


I hope this article gives you the best knowledge about common sitemap generators for bloggers… if it does, then, please do share this article on your social media handles and with your friends and families
And I will see you in the next one,

If anyone has any questions contact.

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