Jio new plan | Big news Jio new plan 2019

Jio new plan. Bad news for Reliance Jio SIM users. New rules have been introduced for Jio users.

Jio new plan
Jio new plan

Jio new plan: Hi friends today I will tell you about a new topic, although the topic is very bad news. Bad news for Reliance Jio SIM users. New rules have been introduced for Jio users.

The Reliance Jio company has been providing free voice calls and net calls to all customers so free. All the other telecom companies were taking money for voice calls.

10 October Reliance Jio Company has made a big difference in voice calls since 2019, that is, from now on when you call someone you will think once I am calling Jio SIM because Jio was giving away free for all calls, now this time. Except for Jio to Jio, you have to make a separate recharge for whatever you call. 

Calling a mobile number on any network other than Jio requires 6 paise/ minute. This call charge is an Interconnect user charge (IUC) charge given to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).

How to Jio caller tune set

What is an Interconnect user charge (IUC)?

This IUC charge is the money that telecom operators pay to TRAI (6 paise/ minute).

How to pay this money: If you are a Jio customer, if you make a call on the mobile of another network then the Jio company on which you call the mobile will have to pay 6 paise/minute.

If you are wondering why Jio is being charged today, when Jio came to the operator, he said that everything would be free when recharging a package.

This charge has not been introduced today since the TRAI arrived and has to be paid to all telecom operators. The reason Jio has not been asked to pay so long is because TRAI said (31/12/2019) that the charging system will shut down after that date, so Jio decided I was new to the market, so I will give the customer a shot at the service proceeds of his income, as much as the rest will be lost. We will fill it.

 But that doesn't happen anymore. Because the rest of the operator says the call is coming to our network and our income is coming from there we have to pay some money.

In doing so, Reliance Jio is going to face the loss, as those who have 2G SIMs make missed calls to Jio, and the Jio user in turn calls. This is why Jio researched and found that Miss Call is more frequent. For that, Jio has to pay thirteen thousand crores to other companies in these years.

With that, TRAI has said it will not stop taking the charge. So this decision is in this Reliance Jio company. So Jio has said that you should recharge the money with the package that you have to pay the charge to TRAI.

That is, with the recharge package you make, you have to recharge the package made by Jio or the IUC top-up voucher.

These are the new IUC Top-Up Vouchers 10 rupees, 20 rupees, 50 rupees, and 100 rupees.

There is little good news with bad news.

If you have an Unlimited Packs recharge on your number before "10 October 2019" then you do not need to recharge any IUC. You will get the same benefits you were getting on that recharge, as long as your unlimited package ends.

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Jio new plan
Jio new plan
This list means that if you do not recharge the package, you will need to recharge the IUC package with your main package. If you recharge IUC packages, you will be given many benefits of Reliance Jio, as you can see in the list below.

So what do you do in this situation

1. If you have more calls from another operator's SIM. Then transfer your number to another company (PORT).

2. The recharge should be shot until the TRAI has not raised the IUC charge.

৩. You can tell TRAI about your problem. You can all do it together.

৪. Otherwise, you wait until "Fast January 2020".

-: Bengali IUC charge list:-

-: English IUC charge PDF list:-

After calculating, we are going to lose in return because the system that operates Jio will charge the same call with the rest of the operators. So now that I have to make some decisions, I think I should wait and wait.

Jio customer helpline number:-


If you are a Jio user then send this post to the rest of the Jio subscribers. And what is your opinion about this new rule? I am a Jio user saying I cannot run this way so I will recharge the operator's SIM so that I can get better offers.

If anyone has any questions contact.

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