how to create a backlinks | backlink generator 2019

how to create a backlink | free backlink generator process 

Hey guys, today we have a new topic again with you. As I said in the previous post you keep my web site as you can save because I will be posting more on the blog.

Today's post that I told you in a previous post is how to create a backlink and free backlink generator process. That means you are going to learn a lot about backlinks to your blog from this one post.

You will also know how much backlinks are important for today's bloggers.

how to create a backlinks
how to create a backlinks

What is the backlink                                                               

What is Backlink: Backlink is a great way for a new blogger. With which you can quickly create both your blog and your blog post on Google page. This will make your website accessible to the public soon.

How to create a backlink Many people post something after creating a website and then get back to creating a backlink. This is a wrong decision because the first thing you do is to do a keyword research article and then you will share some researched keyword articles on social media. Then your article will be indexed on Google page. Then you start building backlinks to your site and articles.

The keyword you create the backlink on should be "Do Follow". If you create a "No Follow" backlink, your site ranking label will be reduced.

If you want to create a backlink and check, then right-click (pc) on the word where you created the backlink. Then click on the "Inspect" option in the popup that opens and you will have the HTML code open. You can see one of the HTML code I have shown below.

Do Follow: 
<a href="http://your">great seo tools</a>

No Follow:
 <a rel="nofollow" href="http://your">great seo tools</a>

Backlinks strategy                                                                                         

There will be many ways to create backlinks, which will work best for your website and I'll highlight later.

  1.  Guestpost
  2.  Do follow commenting
  3.  Web 2.0 Submission
  4.  Directly submissions
  5.  Paid method 

Backlinks example                                                                                        

Guestpost: If you want to create a backlink this way, you need to know how to write a good SEO friendly article. Because you will write articles on another good site. These backlinks are full quality backlinks.

For that, you have to check who will allow you to post your article as a guest post by visiting various sites. In that direction, you have to be careful whose site has more visitors. For this, you can use the Ubersuggest website.

Then find out the email id of that site. You can find out about Us about that site. In that email ID, you will email him, write in that email I would like to make a post as a guest post on your site. And email him or her a copy of the article you are writing down or completely.

Note: Your article needs to be SEO-friendly and unique. Be sure to link to your site within that article.

Then you have to wait, they will confirm your article on the site and send you an email. If your article is posted on that site will send the URL to that email.

Do follow commentingTo create a backlink in this manner, you need to comment on various sites. One thing you need to see is that the DA PA of the site you are commenting for backlinks to be high. You can use the DA PA Checker tool to check that.

You can make links to the websites that I am about to give you free follow backlinks. Today I will teach you how to create a backlink. Using these methods, you can rank the article Google by creating backlinks for different articles.

You have to find different types of comments on different sites. You will comment on the site of which you comment on what is written on the site. Because his blog does not approve of the type of comment made by him.

backlinks for free

1. If there is such a site, it is usually commented.

how to create a backlinks
how to create a backlinks

2.  And if there is room for a website, then there is a method. You can use your site's URL or an HTML code to replace the comment. That will give you a do-follow backlink.

You will change the red color text
<p>your comment. <a href="">Thank you</a></p>

This code will look like this: your comment. Thank you

If you cannot use this code, please click on this link to create your comment. Direct the URL of your site to the site where this code will be posted after it will be displayed.

This post will be displayed after posting

"Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview, your comment will be visible after it has been approved"

3. There are some websites that need to register and create an account then you can create a backlink there. You can create an account or skip those sites.

Web 2.0 Directly submissions: If you open the links you get from this site, you will see the submit link at the top. Open it and then fill in your name and the rest of the details and submit. 

If you want to see the article on your website within the first page and in the top five in a few days, then Directly submissions are in dire need.

how to create a backlinks
Web 2.0 Directly submissions

One thing to keep in mind is the URL of your article in place of the URL.

Paid method: If you do a Google search you will get many paid services. The ones I use heavily are the ones that work well for me.

1. ahrefs.comWith this tool, you can check the backlinks of your competitor's site. How many backlinks did he make for that article? You need to make more backlinks than you can leave it up.

You can visit the site at for free, but you will not be able to see which sites have made high-quality backlinks. You need to use a paid tool for that.

2. The site that I am talking about will help you tremendously to build a high-quality backlink. That site is buy do-follow backlinks

Here you can create a backlink by contacting the cellar you like. You have to pay some money for that.

Link Expert: People whose site you can find information about linking in detail.

how can I get backlinks from the high DA PA website?                              

If you want to get backlinks from a high DA PA site, you need to do research first. According to your topic, you searched Google for your keyword, then copy the domains that appear on the first page and check the DA PA Checker tool or site.

Then you go to that site to see where the comments place. If you do not find the blog on the site, you will find the comment space at the bottom of the blog.

DA PA Checker

Free backlink generator                                                                                

If you search Google Free Backlink Generator you will find many websites. But how much work I do not know. If anyone has checked, let me know in the comments.

Backlink checker                                                                                  


How to create a backlink In this article, I told you all the procedures I know. If you like, you can share it with everyone. And the next article will be another part of the backlink. I will tell you in detail how to index backlinks there. take care

If anyone has any questions contact us page.


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