Bounce Rate - how to reduce bounce rate in website 2020

How to reduce bounce rate in your website and Google Ranking impact

Bounce Rate: In this article, you will find out what the bounce rate is and what to do if the bounce rate is high. Yes, friends, many discuss what should be done on my website bounce rate is too high. Some say my website's bounce rate is 30%, 55% - 90% what should we do for this.

I will answer all these questions in detail in this article. One more question everyone remembers is that if my website has a high bounce rate, it's not bad or good for Google. How Google deals with this and how they bounce rate that you see in Google Analytics works.

Bounce Rate
Bounce Rate

The best topic, how to reduce the bounce rate.

What is bounce rate

Many people do not know what the bounce rate is. You have ranked your article, but the visitor came to your site and found that your site is not open, then the visitor comes back. Besides, your bounce rate will be calculated when the visitor comes to your website and returns from that page without getting a good article.

In addition, if a visitor comes to your site for a page, reads another article and then backs up, the bounce rate does not apply.

This is why you have to interlink in each article. If a visitor on your website actually reads another article in that article, then read that article. The visitor should not return from the landing page.

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What is a good bounce rate

Bounce rate analysis: If your website has a 25% to 40% bounce rate, which shows in Google Analytics, then you agree that your site is running great.

If you find that your site has a bounce rate of 40% to 55% then your site is fine. But something good can be done. This rate cannot be called bad.

In addition, if you see a bounce rate of 55% to 90%, you should try a good website. If there is more to it, then check out the entire website where Mistake is going and change that shot.

Hopefully, you understand everything about how much to keep your site bounce rate.

What is a good bounce rate of 2020

The bounce rate is such a bad thing for a website, it can be very good to keep it as low as possible. If your site's bounce rate is high, read the "How to reduce the bounce rate" option below.

Bounce Rate
Bounce Rate

Bounce rate checker

Best Platform Google Analytics Site to Check Bounce Rate. On this platform, you will get the details of your site and complete details on how the website is performing.

The previous article on this topic is in full text.

  • Users, New Users, Sessions,
  • Number of Sessions per User, Pageviews, Page / Session
  • Bounce Rate, avg.Session Duration
  • Traffic Channel, Source / Medium, Referrals
  • Active Users, User retention
  • Sessions by country, Sessions by the device
  • and much more…

How to reduce the bounce rate.

These topics I got from the site that I shared with you. If your site really has a high bounce rate then you can solve the problem then you will see the result.

1. page setup: One thing to keep in mind when you write an article is for whom I am writing an article. Because those articles will be read by your visitors as you read them.

This is because the image you use when writing an article should not be too big. Many visitors bounce back just because of the image.

If the image you have used is not good and half of the page does not appear at the time of opening your article, then many visitors come out of it. Because not all minds are equal.

In addition, if the image is too large, it is too late to load.

The best technique is to add a video below your article to the topic related. The video is from youtube but no copyright is coming. Visitors will stop at your page to watch the video.

2. The method of writing: Writing technique is a big deal because many people are constantly writing or posting long paragraphs. In that case, the visitor could not stop while reading. Anyone who reads will forget because he or she will read the entire article continuously.

But the visitor wants to pause a little while reading the article and let him or her understand the article.

For that, you have to keep in mind when writing an article that the paragraph should not be more than 2 lines.

You will also try to make the article's target keywords bold. If you have ever noticed yourself, when reading an article, you stop by to see the bold or black text.

3. Good template use: Use the best theme or template for your website. It should be a responsive template. That means your website should be open soon on a computer, tablet or mobile.

Previous Post Responsive Blogger Template

Your website speed should be good. The opening time of the site should not be more than 2 minutes. If you need to analyze your site more than that, use Google page speed.

This will help you to get your site running slowly for some reason.

4. Your website layout: The layout of your site should be good and different from everyone else. And the advertising guide you put on your page will be less than the first page.

The reason is that if the ads you put around cover half of your page, then the visitor's mind becomes different. He then leaves your landing page. This is called the bounce rate.

You also do not have to add any pop ads or popunder ads.

For example, after you open a page where you have visited a page, you have pop ads open and after scraping it down you scroll down to get a popunder ads open, then you come back.

The same procedure applies to other visitors. So it is better not to pop pops.

If you can solve these problems, the bounce rate of the site will be reduced.

Google Ranking impact

Let me say, whether your site has a high impact on Google ranking for bounce rate.

Answer - No.

The reason is that Google gave Core updates from 2012 to 2016, there is a "google analytics bounce rate" data we do not use. The data is completely for you, to check the performance of its site.

Google never checks your site's performance from the "Google Analytics" site.

So you can avoid it. Because what you see on the Google Analytics site is a notice to you. Do you have any problems with your site?

But when Google reviews your site, he realizes that he has just got Simila's data with his algorithm.

So is my suggestion

So the bounce rate that shows Google Analytics has no direct effect but indirectly impact. So lower the bounce rate. 

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